Good Afternoon to All….
Our days will soon be growing longer with the time change around the corner.   You will start thinking “What can I do to grow my business even more?” because I’m already doing everything out there. 
You run through the checklist:
  • Website…..Check
  • Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest….Check
  •  Blog…..Check
  •  Email Campaigns……Check
But are you doing EVERYTHING…..If you are not adding new content/updates to the above you are losing your customers.  The world we have allowed to be created is an “instant gratification” one and if you are meandering in your Social Media then you are wasting your time. 
In today’s world you have to be engaging your customers weekly so they remember you.  You need to serve up a Loyalty program, put out coupons and give them helpful hints so they know you are a giver.  They want to connect and possibly build a relationship with your business.  I know it is weird – a relationship – that’s done face to face ….. not anymore!  You have to penetrate the on-line layer and then maybe a face to face relationship will blossom.
I know your next thought is NO WAY I CAN POSSIBLY DO THAT AND RUN MY BUSINESS!  You can!  You need to set aside a day a week put your creative brain on and they go to town.  Once you have created your content then schedule it to go out on different days and time.  I suggest pick two days a week and then schedule your FaceBook post (yes…POST is a drop down and that is where you can schedule ), Email Campaigns, Blog Post you get the picture most of these things can be scheduled so you are not constantly having to remember to send out your communication.
Need help??  Contact The Gil Company so we can assist you at little cost so you are ready to advance your business’s Social Media.  

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