Small Business mistake regarding
Facebook & Twitter
As a small business I use social media to help me reach ALL of my potential customers.  I have a page I manage under my personal account on Facebook and I have a company Twitter account.  Lately I have noticed that my PERSONALFacebook post were appearing on my company Twitter account and I was a little baffled as to WHY!
I put on my investigator hat and went looking for answers because in my book that was unprofessional and it needed to be stopped.  The first place I checked was to make sure my Profile on Facebook did not have a Twitter account associated with it.  I could put a big fat check there because it did not have a Twitter account listed. Back to the thinking cap!  I then saw APPS in the Facebook settings I checked for Twitter there and WHALA! I removed it and went on about my business thinking I fixed the problem…..That was an incorrect thought!
 Back to investigating I went to my favorite place the wizard of all-knowing GOOGLE!  There is a matter of seconds was an article How to Unsync Your Facebook From Twitter. That was the ticket it covered what I had already done and then took it to the next step….. Twitter needed to be unsync from Facebook.  Please click on the article and follow these simple steps written by Matt Koble, with Demand Media.
Alright, I hear you how do you get your company Facebook page post on Twitter? By using Buffer this is a wonderful tool that allows you to control your content (business and not personal) to be posted to your business social media. 

The Gil Company is always available to consult with you on setting up & maintaining your social media venues.  We offer training to help you succeed in your business adventure.