Are you Reaching ALL of  your Customers?

The Gil Company is in the business of helping you reach ALL of your customers.  We can build you a website that will attract your customers and teach you how to maintain your website.  “If you can type in MS Word you can maintain your own website.”  Companies MUST keep their website fresh (up-to-date) and active or the Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc…) do not recognize them as ACTIVE sites. Your website WILL NOT appear at the top of the result page!

Below are some ways that can keep your website ACTIVE.  If you do not already do some of these then you are not Reaching ALL of Your Customers!

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Blogging is a GREAT way to keep your website current.  You say your not a Blogger you don’t have to be just once a week add a post to your website that gives your customers a helpful hint, idea as to how to use your product or just plain old What’s New news. Not a lot of time needs to be spent just a few sentences to share with your customers.

SEO what is that?  Search Engine Optimization…. still no idea?  Lay-mans terms this is what will bring your website to the FIRST PAGE of the search engine.  These are tags that pertain to your business, descriptive words that the end user would type into the search bar for the type of services/product you offer.  These tags need to appear in your website and need to be updated along with the content in the website.  Search Engines use these tags to search out those sites that BEST match the end users search.  

Social Media that’s just a Buzz Phrase!  Well no it’s NOT!  It is what your customers and potential customers are doing everyday.  They are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ and whatever else just popped up as THE LATEST & GREATEST.  Your business can be on it all and should be on it ALL.  You need to use these avenues to put your logo, your name, your tagline in front of all those current/potential customers.  You already have their attention you just need to use it.