Mobile App / PWA

pwa infographic

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are on the rise! What is a PWA?  This type of mobile app works with your website, yup no more downloading from Apple or Google Play.  Your customers are more inclined to interact with your website on their phones and tablets because it will appear as a mobile app.  Yes, you can interact with your customers and them with you. You can launch your loyalty program, capture emails, instant message promotions to your customers.

The main benefits PWAs have brought businesses are speed increases, improvements in re-engagement, and increased conversions.

The reason for PWA’s success lies in their power to improve the entire mobile experience. Customers come back for more because they are able to interact with the brand in a positive way. Consumers are driving the shift from desktop websites and native apps to Progressive Web Apps.


10 Reasons Why PWAs Are On The Rise [Infographic]

pwa infographic