As you watch the news or listen to the radio you are hearing that news good or bad via twitter.  Hilary Clinton takes to Twitter to apologize she did not know that Government information should not be placed on a home server or how about blue & black dress verses the white & gold dress..really that is news!

All of that aside the point is that your business is missing out if you are not Twittering, Right?  Twitter is an outlet for news to move around rapidly throughout the day but how does this help a business …… your Business?

Twitter is a form of networking.  Your business needs to be part of groups that have similar ideas and/or what makes sense for your product offering.  You need to ALWAYS brand any marketing avenue you take.  For example you logo & branded your website, Facebook and your business cards so you need to logo & brand your Twitter account.  You need to interact with those that follow you and those that you follow.  Not a lot of content is needed for you only have 140 characters per tweet.  To help brand yourself in your tweets add in your website, Facebook and/or a blog link but the most important thing is to use “#” with words that associate with your brand so you can be found in the Wide World of Twitter.  

Remember you need to be a good steward to your customer base by offering helpful hints, coupons and good olde down home humor that way you show people that you are human and will handle their business with care.

Happy Tweeting this Easter!
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