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Facebook & Twitter

Small Business mistake regarding
Facebook & Twitter
As a small business I use social media to help me reach ALL of my potential customers.  I have a page I manage under my personal account on Facebook and I have a company Twitter account.  Lately I have noticed that my PERSONALFacebook post were appearing on my company Twitter account and I was a little baffled as to WHY!
I put on my investigator hat and went looking for answers because in my book that was unprofessional and it needed to be stopped.  The first place I checked was to make sure my Profile on Facebook did not have a Twitter account associated with it.  I could put a big fat check there because it did not have a Twitter account listed. Back to the thinking cap!  I then saw APPS in the Facebook settings I checked for Twitter there and WHALA! I removed it and went on about my business thinking I fixed the problem…..That was an incorrect thought!
 Back to investigating I went to my favorite place the wizard of all-knowing GOOGLE!  There is a matter of seconds was an article How to Unsync Your Facebook From Twitter. That was the ticket it covered what I had already done and then took it to the next step….. Twitter needed to be unsync from Facebook.  Please click on the article and follow these simple steps written by Matt Koble, with Demand Media.
Alright, I hear you how do you get your company Facebook page post on Twitter? By using Buffer this is a wonderful tool that allows you to control your content (business and not personal) to be posted to your business social media. 

The Gil Company is always available to consult with you on setting up & maintaining your social media venues.  We offer training to help you succeed in your business adventure.

Day Dreaming…..

Day Dreaming…..


Day Dreaming…….
Not for long I hope you have a Business to run!!
So Summer is coming!!! Schools are letting out, graduations are being held (Congrats to all you Grads!!) Thoughts of “When do I get to Go to the Beach!” are on your mind. Wow a lot happening but you still have a Business to run!

You need to be focused and create a schedule for your Social Media and website, if not Summer will be over and your business will have laid dormant.  You need to schedule when and what to post to your Social Media and you need to update your website so Google will find you. Yes Google no longer relies on just keywords to bring a site to the top of the rankings. You have to be updating, linking with other and adding content that contains your keywords in your site or it too will go dormant.  

Hold on your Summer is not ruined because you have to create a schedule and manage it.  You can schedule your Social Media posting in advance (days, weeks, etc..) using  Buffer . This program allows you to create post for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ (coming soon) & Pinterest which is on a trial bases at this time.  This program allows you to schedule day & time of day that you would like your postings to go out so you can do several postings on one day and schedule them for days, weeks out.

Still don’t have time for ALL of that contact The Gil Company at info@thegilcompany.com or on out website www.thegilcompany.com and we will be glad to work with you and your budget to set your Social Media up to run smoothly ALL Summer long.

Have a Safe & Wonderful Summer and please remember you need to interact with your customers so you don’t loose them to the competition.



Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Mobile App IconMobile Apps

Why do you need a mobile app?  If you are a company trying to stay in touch with your customers then you need a mobile app!  Like I tweeted out on April 3rd ….   #mobileapps #App is the way for your #business to be in contact with your #customers bc you are in their pocket. http://thegilcompany.com ……. It is so true!
Let’s look at companies that would benefit the most from a mobile app.  Artist/ Gallery, Automotive, Bars, Golf Courses, Hair Salons, Health & Fitness, Hotel & Resorts, Musician & Bands, Night Clubs, Non Profits, Politics, Religious Services, Restaurants, Store Fronts and many more!  As you can see a mobile app can be placed in almost any environment and it will create traffic and revenue. 
What are the features in a mobile app?  First and foremost is that you can Instant Message your customers that have downloaded your app….Wow!You can keep your customers apprised of new deals, up & coming events, changes in schedules, new items that just arrived whatever it may be you have a direct connection to your customers and your message pops up on their phone.  You can sell products, take reservations, receive pick up orders, customers can subscribe to a newsletter (build your CRM), loyalty cards without the card, customers can interact by submitting photos, driving directions to your establishment, sharing you with their friends and so much more!
 The price is very reasonable when compared to newsprint, mailings & TV ads because all of these avenues have an expiration date but the mobile app is in your customer’s phone.  The phone that is with them ALL the TIME!  If you are an entrepreneur then you need a mobile app to keep your business ahead of your competition.


The Gil Company offers a Mobile App platform that will launch you into the App world and will be published in both App & Android Store. 

Contact us at info@ thegilcompany.com for more details because we are in the business to Help you Reach ALL of your Customers!

Everything is a Twitter…

As you watch the news or listen to the radio you are hearing that news good or bad via twitter.  Hilary Clinton takes to Twitter to apologize she did not know that Government information should not be placed on a home server or how about blue & black dress verses the white & gold dress..really that is news!

All of that aside the point is that your business is missing out if you are not Twittering, Right?  Twitter is an outlet for news to move around rapidly throughout the day but how does this help a business …… your Business?

Twitter is a form of networking.  Your business needs to be part of groups that have similar ideas and/or what makes sense for your product offering.  You need to ALWAYS brand any marketing avenue you take.  For example you logo & branded your website, Facebook and your business cards so you need to logo & brand your Twitter account.  You need to interact with those that follow you and those that you follow.  Not a lot of content is needed for you only have 140 characters per tweet.  To help brand yourself in your tweets add in your website, Facebook and/or a blog link but the most important thing is to use “#” with words that associate with your brand so you can be found in the Wide World of Twitter.  

Remember you need to be a good steward to your customer base by offering helpful hints, coupons and good olde down home humor that way you show people that you are human and will handle their business with care.

Happy Tweeting this Easter!
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